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The dictionary describes workshop as a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. This is exactly what our workshops are about.
The essential features about our workshops are

  • They are based on research done on the life style challenges of the Indian workplace and work culture and culture per se. They recognize that challenges of every workplace is different. The lifestyle challenges of a sales organization with a travelling workforce are going to be very different from those of an organization which works graveyard shifts catering to the US markets
  • They are based on basic indisputable facts and not on random empirical studies which often propound contradictory opinions on managing health and wellness
  • Our workshops believe that wellness can be achieved through acquisition of knowledge, development of attitude and practice of certain habits. Our workshop content is therefore designed at these three levels to achieve results for participants.

Hence our workshops 

  • are designed specifically for you
  • delivered by expert(s)
  • create peer support groups in your organization and supports it for a month after the programme to enhance effectiveness of the programme

Workshops at a glance…