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Recipe for "A Healthy Workplace"

“Good investors are always looking to find ever more sophisticated ways to understand the underlying strength of a company. Health and well being are powerful indicators in assessing the businesses ability to attract, retain and motivate top performing employees. In fact there is increasing evidence that a healthy workforce provides a competitive advantage" With years of experience in prompting and promoting wellness in organizations - here is what we set out as ingredients and a recipe for "Building Healthy Workplaces" at HCS Wellness Leadership Commitment Haven't we heard culture has strategy for breakfast and culture more often than not is modeled from the top. Some indicators to leadership commitment are Is there a specific budget for wellness initiatives? Is there a specific team devoted to driving wellness initiatives...

It's your Pin code & not your genetic code that your lasting good health depends on

Gene tests are the latest to be offered by diagnostic labs to predict your pre-disposition to develop some kind of ailment. And if celebrities lead the way should we be surprised if this turns out to be the latest fad of this decade? But I could tell you without batting an eyelid - that’s a lot of money wasted. Check with your family physician i.e. if you still have one who you still trust will not to prescribe a MRI scan of your brain for a headache - Your genetic make-up is something you can't help - so why even bother. Good health has many social determinants too……… one of them being your PIN code (read where you live!) In fact according to the WHO Report on the...