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Online Engagement

At HCS Wellness we believe that the mission of any Wellness Program at any organization should be to assist employees in achieving optimal health and well-being.
It ought to be a program designed to encourage participants to seek a life of balance and fulfillment through their own learning and actions.
However the program should necessarily be founded on personal responsibility for one’s own wellness.
Health promotion is central to the concept of healthy workplaces. Our online engagements encourage organizations to develop and implement programs and interventions aimed at adoption of health promoting/protecting behaviors.
Our most popular technology interventions are in the form of

  • EAP – Employee Assistance Programs
  • Online Health Risk Assessments
  • Food for Thought – our Infographic series for health Promotions
  • Vitamin H – Our employee wellness newsletter
  • Online Wellness Coaching
  • Social Media interventions

Online Engagements at a glance …