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Good Lifestyle … meaning cars? posh apartment? or what?

Yesterday I met one person who has stepped out of a cushy job to follow her entrepreneurial dreams and the ride presumably is not being an easy one. In the course of the conversation she said “I have had a certain lifestyle which I can’t compromise on”. And when she said ‘lifestyle’ it seemed to indicate the “expensive things in life”
In fact most of us interpret lifestyle as things which wealth gets us. You have a big house, an expensive car, branded clothes translates to a good lifestyle! Right?

Not really it seems!

Lifestyle is defined as a way of living of individuals which gets exhibited by the way they cope with their environment on a day-to-day basis. And environment means the physicalpsychological, social, and economic environments.
Let me explain with illustrations
Physical environment …….let’s take parking. Would you take multiple rounds in the parking looking for a slot closest to the gate or would you not mind the one far away and happily walk it down. Would you rather answer the door bell yourself or ask someone to run along ‘cos you are tired?
Psychological meaning after a hectic week when you want to chill out, is it by watching TV, playing Candy Crush, bitching about the boss or going for an outdoor sport with your friends or join some music / salsa lessons.
Social meaning when you are playing host or guest does entertainment mean sinful food and drink only or some exciting music, dance & discussions without it.
Economic meaning would you rather splurge on getting the latest branded watch or sponsor your driver’s kids’ private school education?
Our choices define our lifestyle. I am still struggling to achieve a good lifestyle. What about you?

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