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It's your Pin code & not your genetic code that your lasting good health depends on

Gene tests are the latest to be offered by diagnostic labs to predict your pre-disposition to develop some kind of ailment. And if celebrities lead the way should we be surprised if this turns out to be the latest fad of this decade?
But I could tell you without batting an eyelid – that’s a lot of money wasted. Check with your family physician i.e. if you still have one who you still trust will not to prescribe a MRI scan of your brain for a headache – Your genetic make-up is something you can’t help – so why even bother.
Good health has many social determinants too……… one of them being your PIN code (read where you live!) In fact according to the WHO Report on the Social Determinants of Health, avoidable health inequities arise because of the circumstances in which people grow, live, work and age and the systems put in place to deal with illness.
Just dwell over this – what all in your everyday life gets affected by where you stay and where you work. And let me not ask you if you live near a major road, a power plant, and the rest of the environmental bit ….. I am referring to the everyday “should be simple” bits of life which get affected
How far do you live from your workplace? Can you travel my public transport easily to your place of work and catch up reading a book on the way up and a snooze on your way down or are you stuck in traffic with only bumpers to stare at for more than an hour.
Do you have beautiful parks around where you could go for a walk / run in the morning or do you live in a concrete jungle where more infrastructure has been built for pleasure than leisure…where there are more swanky high street pubs and lounge bars than open spaces for you to indulge in the simple pleasures of life like listening to the birds wake up with the dawn. When you look out of your window do you see sprawling nature that inspires you to be one with it or new high rise apartment blocks which only prompt you to believe how much ‘more’ or ‘harder’ you need to work to ‘achieve’ more.
Do you have access to open farmer’s market where you get fresh produce or a supermarket with lots of fresh green fruits and vegetables or do you have to order your produce from a smarter e-green grocer who practices FIFO to protect his bottom line………… well I could just go on!
The idea is …chuck the factors you can’t control – take charge over the ones you can – be smart – be wise – good health is a way of life – not a predetermined end!

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