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Floor Engagement

For most people overall wellness is unfortunately not a priority. In fact people respond to wellness imperatives of life only in the face of an impending crisis situation. One way is to let the situation be and let people wake up to the rude realities of modern life after its already too late – the other is to engage with people and force them to question their own well-being and assumptions about their own health. But this is easier said than done. Wellness programmes often complain of poor attendance – not because people do not want to attend but because there is always something more important to attend to.
Our Floor Engagements are have been designed to address this challenge.  They (as the name suggests) carry a health promotion initiative to where your employee is sitting – at the desk at which he spends more than 80% of his office time.  Initiatives in this category are crafted to engage a large number of people without getting away from their workplace (read desks).
Our facilitators who run these programmes are a unique combination of functional expertise and people engagement skills to bring a joyful  learning experience to people. Rarely do these take the shape of a serious talk. More often than not they morph into contests, group challenges or a dynamic workshop where all not only enjoy but also learn!
Our floor engagements range from 20 minutes to an hour long session depending on the nature of the engagement.

Floor Engagements at a glance…