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Does your cafeteria serve Chocolate Mousse?

I know of a friend who works with an MNC which has HSSE high up on their agenda of priorities. They do a safety moment at the beginning of every meeting – their employees have a comprehensive health check done every year – they have a company doctor – their employees are encouraged to participate in marathons – and after all this I hear they serve samosa, jalebi rabri, strawberry mousse as a part of their meal in the cafeteria.
Doesn’t’ add up… right? Right!

Health is holistic!

Going all the 8 yards and stopping short of walking the ninth can hijack your entire effort to build a healthy workforce.
Probably the most  important bit of healthy living is aahaar (the others being vihar,acachar and vichar) or food and therefore the most important aspect of building a healthy workplace would be to take a hard look at whether your cafeteria
a)     gives access to healthy food
b)    gives access to healthy beverages
c)     and more importantly encourages healthy eating by its guests.
I hope this gets you thinking!

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