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At HCS Wellness we believe that the mission of any Wellness Program at any organization should be to assist employees in achieving optimal health and well-being. It ought to be a program designed to encourage participants to seek a life of balance and fulfillment through their own learning and actions. However the program should necessarily be founded on personal responsibility for one’s own wellness.

Our counter formats are a response to the adult nature of the participants.  It is designed in the form of a non-invasive learning intervention where a certain concept, skill, knowledge is made available to employees to learn from. These counters are a departure from the regular prescriptive form of learning  – what makes it different is that the design of the counter is attractive and meaningful enough for people to want to engage with it. This engagement usually  takes the form of a one-on-one / group counseling with an expert.
Our counters involve 

  1. a presence in a place of your selection – preferably a meeting / conference room / or a high traffic area
  2. an expert facilitator
  3. props / paraphernalia required to achieve learning

Counters at glance…