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New Year Resolutions… getting it right

New Year Resolutions are often expected to be broken and broken they are! I have not done an empirical study of this phenomenon but anecdotal data suggests that losing weight is one resolution which millions must be making only to break it. And for this people often blame it on themselves and their willpower. Having worked with people on performance management I only know that the mistake lies in the quality of the goal setting people do for themselves. Let me illustrate. You are a Sales Manager and you manage a fleet of feet on the street to sell carpets in rich neighborhoods. You have to set targets for your new sales staff. You've had a history of enthusiastic sales people joining and then leaving in a month on...

Good Lifestyle … meaning cars? posh apartment? or what?

Yesterday I met one person who has stepped out of a cushy job to follow her entrepreneurial dreams and the ride presumably is not being an easy one. In the course of the conversation she said "I have had a certain lifestyle which I can't compromise on". And when she said 'lifestyle' it seemed to indicate the "expensive things in life" In fact most of us interpret lifestyle as things which wealth gets us. You have a big house, an expensive car, branded clothes translates to a good lifestyle! Right? Not really it seems! Lifestyle is defined as a way of living of individuals which gets exhibited by the way they cope with their environment on a day-to-day basis. And environment means the physical, psychological, social, and economic environments. Let me explain...