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Absenteeism or Presenteeism – What should you focus on?

Presenteeism refers to the problem of employees being on the job but, because of illness or other medical conditions, not fully functioning, leading to a loss in productivity. We’re talking about people coming to work even when sick and trying to carry on despite their symptoms. Extensive research has proven what your common sense has probably guessed by now - presenteeism is much costlier problem than its productivity-reducing counterpart, absenteeism. And, unlike absenteeism, presenteeism isn’t always apparent: You know when someone doesn’t show up for work, but you often can’t tell when—or how much—illness or a medical condition is hindering someone’s performance. Many of the medical problems that result in presenteeism are relatively benign. What brings people to work despite being ill are conditions like seasonal allergies,...

Recipe for "A Healthy Workplace"

“Good investors are always looking to find ever more sophisticated ways to understand the underlying strength of a company. Health and well being are powerful indicators in assessing the businesses ability to attract, retain and motivate top performing employees. In fact there is increasing evidence that a healthy workforce provides a competitive advantage" With years of experience in prompting and promoting wellness in organizations - here is what we set out as ingredients and a recipe for "Building Healthy Workplaces" at HCS Wellness Leadership Commitment Haven't we heard culture has strategy for breakfast and culture more often than not is modeled from the top. Some indicators to leadership commitment are Is there a specific budget for wellness initiatives? Is there a specific team devoted to driving wellness initiatives...