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About Us

HCS Wellness is a response of a set of people from the industry to correct what they saw as a downward spiral in the corporate workplace in India. Life at work has become increasingly stressful and unfortunately the response of an average working executive is usually such that the drive down the lane to Illness is only accelerated.

Old fashioned sayings like

“A stitch in time saves nine” “Health is Wealth”

 “Prevention is better than cure”

are some of the drivers for HCS Wellness

Our Core Values

Holistic approach

Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, our approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Traditional Beliefs

All knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to our cultures used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.

Modern Methods

Wellness engagements are usually not welcome! We are changing that perception by using techniques that reverberate with people. Our techniques draw inspiration from technology, creativity and innovation.

Indelible Impact

No change initiative is complete till the change is internalized – whether it is an individual or an organization. Our programmes aspire to bring frameworks and experiences in the lives of people such that they make an indelible impact.

What set the ball rolling…

Swapnalekha Basak an engineer and a management graduate seemingly had it going right for her. By 33 she was heading the Human Resources of a multinational.  What many didn’t know was that incidentally she had also developed hypertension at the age of 27 and cholesterol by 30. Efforts to stay well meant giving in to more medicines. Not being able to take it any more she signed out of a successful but stressful corporate life at 35 to look for other ways of fulfilling life.

She joined Oxford University to pick up a course on counseling and by the time she was 40 she had written a book (Human Resource Management – Text & Cases, Pearson Higher Education) and founded a successful NGO ( and regained her health too.

She considers herself fortunate to have been blessed with guides (read yogis, doctors, friends, co-workers) who helped her on this journey to reclaim her health. She would often wonder what her life trajectory would have been had she not left her full-time job. But leaving a full-time job to become healthy can never be the solution.

She found HCS Wellness a collaborative effort of the  of the best minds in the industry to create cultures of holistic health inside organizations.

Board of Advisors


Dr. Abhinav Gupta

Medical Advisor

Dr. Abhinav Gupta is an MBBS, Diploma in Orthopedics and Associate Fellowship in Industrial Health. A strong proponent of minimal drug therapy and a staunch believer of preventive medicine and counseling Dr. Gupta is the guiding force of all HCS Wellness programmes in terms of domain expertise. He also takes on the challenge of ensuring seamless and superlative execution of all wellness plans offered by HCS Wellness.


Dr. Sharon Pande

Human Resource Expert

A Ph.D in Management specializing in Career Counselling and a Masters in Industrial Psychology . She has also co authored a text book in the area of Human Resource Management and her research papers have been published in international and national journals. She is also attached to several NGO’s in the area of career counseling. Dr. Pande guides HCS Wellness on two specific areas – one being the area of counselling and the other being Employee Assistance Programs.


Dr. Uday Thanawala

Medical Advisor

Dr. Uday Thanawala is a postgraduate from Seth GS Medical College and Wadia Maternity, Mumbai. A gold medalist in FCPS and a Diplomate of the National Board he started his private practice in 1988 and since then is devoted to his 2 nursing homes. Chairperson of Medical Disorders in Pregnancy Committee of the Federation (2006-2009). Dr Thanawala guides HCS Wellness in all its Wellness Plans for Women.